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Leading With Your Heart

Heart leadership refers to the wholistic approach to leading individuals and teams. Specifically, those who lead with heart, focus their energy on developing their emotional, spiritual, and mental health so their leadership can come from a more authentic place.  Spiritual development is a lifelong and personal journey. Consultation and other spiritual support services offer access to information and answers from your higher power. It is possible that curiosity brought you to this particular page, but it is more likely that a certain readiness to heal, seek clarity, and move forward towards your destiny will make you stay. These services are unique and can be confusing, so if there are any lingering questions, please review the FAQs listed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of "spirituality" do you practice?

A. There is only one spirit. In terms of the God I serve, I was raised and continue to practice Christianity and pray in the name of baby, teenage, and adult Jesus. Having said that, there is no particular religion that guides this practice. Our work has more to do with getting in touch with the best version of yourself, regardless of who you pray to.

Q. How will this practice help me become a better leader?

A. At the end of the day, people follow leaders they trust. Trustworthy leaders are honest and authentic. Most leaders think their problem is motivation. I've found that true motivation is built first with trust and then with buy-in. Leading with heart creates grace. Your followers won't expect you to be perfect if they can trust you to be consistently the best version of yourself.

Q. Are you psychic?

A. Not exactly - I'm highly intuitive. I don't see the future, but I do recognize patterns a lot faster than most people and adjust accordingly. It is actually one of the things that made me very successful in my career as an educator. It also makes me kind of annoying when I'm saying things will happen that other people just don't see... and then a month later it happens. Whether I'm psychic or not has nothing to do with your leadership journey. 

Q. How do you read cards?

A. It's part practice, part intuition, part spiritual guidance. 

Q. How can card reading help me become more in tune with myself and my leadership?

A. The cards are not a required element. If you choose to include them in your sessions they are only a tool to offer deeper reflection on situations from your past, present, or future that guide your current decision making. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage and guide self-reflection. 

Q. How do you interpret dreams?

A. I can't really explain how. I hear a dream and then I understand it. It's as natural to me as watching a movie.

Q. The dream book I read said the xyz means 123, but you said something different. What is correct?

A. I've never read a dream book, so I will suggest that you accept the interpretation that resonates with you the most. Also, my answer came from God, soooo... 

Q. Will you put a spell on someone for me?

A. Wheeeet? No. Who does that?! I don't have that kind of energy nor do I want that kind of karma. Everything is essentially an energy exchange. Key word - exchange. What are you willing to give up in exchange for trying to control someone else? Chances are, if you're interested in spell work, you definitely need to do heart work.

"This was my first reading ever and all I can say is I was amazed! The cards were accurate and even answered questions I didn't ask, but was thinking. Sandra made me feel very comfortable and answered any questions I had. I will definitely take my reading to heart and will be going back for another." ~V.M.

Faded Oracle cards
Angel of Support Image

The Healing Journey

Have you felt frustrated, misunderstood, and stuck? While the natural response is to try to fix your outer circumstance, until you heal from within, you will continue to gravitate toward unhealthy, toxic, and overall negative people, places, and things. It's not your fault AND you are the solution. You're uncomfortable because you are out of alignment. The Healing Journey won't change your circumstances - it will change you. 

Group Reading w/ Cards

Still curious about spiritual development and/or card readings? Book a group session to see how it works with the comfort of friends and family to balance out the energy. In a group reading the topic is based on the collective energy in the room and the reader has no way of knowing who the information pertains to unless it is confirmed. This could be a fun and informative addition to your next bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, or any other gathering with friends. 

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