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Meet Sandra

Global Speaker, Thought Leader, Trainer, Spiritualist, and so much more!

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." ~Coco Chanel

An avid "truth teller" and fierce humanitarian, Sandra has spent nearly the last two decades serving as a leader and administrator in higher education. An educator by training, specifically, she has had extensive experience managing crisis, strategic planning, developing leadership programs, working with persons with disabilities, serving as a Dean of Students, Chief Student Affairs Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and mediating disputes.


Sandra completed her doctoral work at Florida State University in 2012, earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. She also completed her Bachelor and Master degrees at the University of Central Florida. In addition to her career and educational achievements, Sandra is the Past Chair of the NASPA Center for Women Board, a global speaker for; the Founding National Director of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc; and is the current President of the Palm Coast-Flagler County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In terms of her spiritual journey, Sandra has been interpreting dreams for family and friends since she was 13 and receiving personal messages through dreams for about as long. More recently she began to share her other spiritual gifts with those close to her. For much of her life, Sandra kept this side of herself private as she didn't quite understand it. She was also afraid others wouldn't understand it either since it was so different from the straight laced and professional persona she is known for. More recently she has become more intentional with learning about and embracing these gifts and the more she learns, the more she feels compelled to share. 

A classic book you shouldn't judge by the cover, Sandra jokingly tells her friends, and now to those reading this, she's the best dressed and most professional hippie you will ever meet!

Photo of Sandra Miles in Black and White
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