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You deserve to be mentally, spiritually, and financially free! Free to live. Free to make mistakes and recover from them. Free to emerge as the best version of yourself. Free to learn, grow, and lead with integrity. 
Complete Freedom begins with courage, but there can be no courage without confidence, and no confidence without knowledge. 
DSM Initiatives offers knowledge, resources, connection, & solutions tailored to fit your personal, professional, and spiritual development.


Meet Sandra

Global Speaker, Thought Leader, & Consultant 

Dr. Sandra Miles has spent the last 16 years serving as a leader  in higher education. Specifically, she has had extensive experience managing crisis, strategic planning, developing leadership programs, working with persons with disabilities, serving as a Dean of Students, Chief Student Affairs Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and mediating disputes.

In addition to her career and educational achievements, Sandra is the Past Chair of the NASPA Center for Women Board, a national speaker for Campus Outreach Services and Academic Impressions; the Past National Director of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc; and is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

photo of Sandra Miles in black and white

What do you need?

Diversity and Inclusion

Training or Consultation

Individual, Executive, or Team Leadership Development

Wardrobe, Event, and Lifestyle Consultation

Special Events

Leadership Retreats

Your Goddess Experience

“The information was presented in an easy to understand way that showed how to practically try to implement it. I found that you created a space that really did feel comfortable to talk about the uncomfortable.”

- D & I Workshop Attendee

“ How are you doing this?! Everything you said was spot on. You have an amazing gift and I think this conversation has just changed my life... Thank you!”

- Dream Interpretation and Card Reading Client

“I needed to be at this [event]. There is a time and place for everything and this was perfectly placed in my life for a reason. Thank you. The things I've learned at this [event] will help me become a better leader, a better me. The best me I can be. ”

- Leadership retreat attendee

Let’s Get Personal

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